The Best Verses Of 2013

End of the year lists are fucking stupid, and ‘best verses’ lists are especially stupid. With that being said, HERE’S OURS.
It was too easy to put “Rap God” and “Control” at the top, so we did things a little differently.
We didn’t take notes all year and base this list on lyrical merit and delivery, we just went with our gut.
These are the true, ELITE verses that can get you hype at any given moment.


10) Drake/Lil Wayne – I Do It – 2nd Verse
Drake starts the second verse off in standard Drake fashion, then Wayne comes in swiftly and the beat switches.. it’s just really nice. I like what they did there.

9) Gucci Mane – All These Bitches – 1st Verse
OJ’s verse is a CLOSE alternative to this. “Your girlfriend a semen demon big Guwop she screamin out.” SEMEN DEMON. Wow. Wop. Single.

8) Kendrick – Jealous
‘Control’ was dope and all… but if you shout out Harold’s you’re getting in our top 10 no doubt.

7) A$AP Rocky – Wild For The Night – 2nd Verse
The chopped part at the start is so good… “she got drunk as fuck and swallowed all my kiddsssss.”

6) Peewee Longway – Off The Leash – Anytime He Speaks
“Somebody need to call Tyrone and tell him that his bitch is with the boy PEEWEE! LONGWAY LONGWAY.” Gucci’s verse is also arguably the best ever.

5) Big Sean – All Me
Hoe. Shut the. Fuck. Up.

4) Kanye West – Blood On The Leaves – Last Verse
When the horns switch up and you know this verse is coming… “TO ALL MY SECOND STRING BITCHES.” I mean yea “New Slaves” is the best.. but.. I don’t give a DAM if you used to talk to Jay Z he aint witchu he with Beyonce you need to stop actin lazy!!!

3) French Montana – Work REMIX

2) Schoolboy Q – White Walls
The best part of The Heist was this verse.

1) Birdman – The Language

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